Success Stories

Below are documented some of the success stories  at ‘Abriendo Caminos Con Amor’ (‘Opening pathways with Love’) in Filandia, Colombia which has been selected to receive funding by us.

Based on the enormous success record of this center on providing proven help to children with disabilities and, thereby effectively working miracles, we have decided to make this organization a focus of attention.

The miraculous improvements described below have been achieved by dedication, persistence, hope and prayers in the face of immense suffering and often what seemed impossible odds. Many tears have been shed by the families of the children and staff at the center.

As you can see from the following videos and descriptions, massive differences can be made through intense physical therapy, speech therapy and help with learning.

Giselle Rendon Lopez

Since she was brought to live with her Aunts, and receive daily help at the center, Giselle has made miraculous progress. She can walk holding a hand, feed herself and responds to her name. Previously, in a specialist center, she was left to lie all day and could not even sit up. She was even diagnosed falsely as being deaf.

Please see this testimony from Giselle’s Aunt.

Please help children like Giselle.

Giselle is my sister’s child born in the USA (in Madison) and all seemed well.

However when she was 7 month’s old there seemed to be a problem as she seemed to be sleeping excessively. All day long she would sleep.

She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and received advanced treatment. Up to the age of 6 she was not progressing. She could not sit on her own, she could not walk and would not let go of your hand and was not bathroom trained.

They did not even teach her to eat on her own or how to get her body moving. She would be left to lie down all day.

Also the doctor in Madison said that she was deaf and they were teaching her sign language.

However when she was brought to Colombia they soon discovered that this is wrong and she has perfect hearing.

In despair her Father brought her to live in Colombia and she now lives with me, her maternal Aunt.

Now she has been in Colombia for 6 years receiving extensive help at the center and the results have been miraculous. She can walk holding your hand and respond with a shout to her name being called. She can move around and sit up by herself and eat by herself.

The Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Andres Quintana said that after two years of being in Colombia and receiving intense help at this center with the support and love of her Aunts she had advanced more in two years than a child would normally progress in 15 years.

Brenda Muñoz

Due to intense therapy of tongue, speech and facial therapy at the center a child learned to speak normally.

Please see this testimony from Brenda’s mother.

Please help children like Brenda.

Brenda was born in Armenia and she seemed completely normal. She would say “Mama”, but she would not speak but just make sounds. When the baby was 9 month’s old, her Father took off with another woman which was very traumatic for me and the baby.

Time went on and Brenda never spoke. When Brenda was 5 years old, Brenda could still not speak and this fact was noticed when Edith from the center noticed while visiting the day care where I had placed Brenda. It had not occurred to me that there was a serious problem. For that reason, I never took Brenda to see a doctor.

With advice from Edith, I started bringing Brenda to the center for intense therapy. At the center, they gave her intensive therapy for speech with tongue exercises and facial therapy.

When she was about 8 or 9 years old, great progress had been made. Then when she was about 11 years old she could leave the center. She could speak and was cured thanks to the center.

Marielly Orrego

This child suffering with Downs syndrome could hardly even walk when she came to the center 5 years ago and her Father describes her improvements as being miraculous due to intense therapy and open heart surgery.

Please see this testimony from Marielly’s mother.

Please help children like Marielly.

Marielly could  hardly walk when she started at the center 5 years ago but can now walk normally after intensive therapy for breathing, speech and physical and heart surgery.

When she started at the center she was greatly struggling to breathe due to a heart problem. However at the center, she was helped to arrange heart surgery in bogota (At the Fundacion Alejandrito Corazon).

The progress with intense therapy has been miraculous.

Juan José Brijalba

This child with a rare neurological condition has made miraculous improvements with intense therapy in spite of a very uncertain diagnosis by doctors.

Please see this testimony from Juan José’s mother.

Please help children like Juan.

His birth appeared to be normal except that he was born past the due date. Then the baby started suffering with fits.

The doctors said that these episodes were ‘convulsions’ and diagnosed him with a rare neurological disease called ‘tuberous sclerosis’ and said that

they did not know if he would ever be able to walk or crawl.

Before bringing him to the center I was terrified by a very long convulsion. At 5 months when I brought him to the center he could not support his own head and he would not cry but appeared to see normally.

I have been bringing him to center 3 times a week and he learned how to crawl and walk with intense therapy. And although his speech is still not great he can make himself understood.

Maria Perez

Maria is now receiving intense psychological therapy. Her Father has just started a 12 year prison sentence for sexual abuse of a minor. Maria and her Mother have had to abandon their apartment under the circumstances and are living with Maria’s Grandfather. Maria is also receiving therapy for flat feet and speech therapy. Note: Name changed in this description.

Please help children like Maria.

Christopher Arcila

Christopher was born with cerebral palsy and is making great progress due to the help at the center. When he started to walk at the age of one, he walked with his feet pointed inwards due to clubbed feet (A common symptom of cerebral palsy). Due to the condition, his breathing has been greatly challenged. The center has been helping him to walk normally and helps with his breathing and intellectual development.

Please help children like Christopher.