About Children Who Dream

Children who Dream’ is a registered 501 (C) non profit whose aim is to provide intense help for children with disabilities and their families among the world’s poor.

Startling improvements can be made with intense help.

Just see the case of Giselle who can now walk and talk through intense help through ‘Abriendo Caminos Con Amor’ (Opening pathways with Love) in Armenia, Colombia.

Also look at the case of Brenda who could talk after intense help. Ref. the above accounts of miraculous improvements and more stories of success by clicking on: Success Stories.

The above center in Filandia, Colombia is the current focus of help by ‘Children Who Dream’. Miracles are often not instaneous but, in order to happen, intense help and dedication by others, is needed. Even a small amount of help goes a very long way. Your donations, which are tax deductible, provide considerable help.